G Money II. El modelo para encarar olas de respeto. La alternativa shortboard - step up. Full nose, rocker, y pintail. Características para tener buena remada, buena entrada y maniobrabilidad para encarrilarse en olas de 1 mt a 4 mts.

Sistema de tapones de quillas 5Fin Futures.


The G-Money II is the ultimate big wave board. It has a full almost funboard nose outline and rocker with a standard high performance pin tail shape and rocker. This gives you the paddling power to get into bigger waves then maneuver the board with ease once you’re up on it. We’ve made them from 5’10” to 10’5”. Depending on the size you get it, it will work in anything from waist high to well over double overhead. If you’re looking to charge, this is the board for you.